Photography by  Tomasz Wyszolmirski  

Photography by Tomasz Wyszolmirski 


Medical Qigong

Both tai chi and qigong have been used extensively for thousands of years for healing, stress management, longevity, and meditative purposes. 


  • Intentional Movement: careful, flowing balanced style
  • Rhythmic Breathing: slow, deep, coordinated with fluid movement
  • Awareness: calm, focused meditative state
  • Visualization: of qi flow, philosophical tenets, aesthetics
  • Chanting/Sound: use of sound as a focal point

Additional Principles

  • Softness: soft gaze, expressionless face
  • Solid Stance: firm footing, erect spine
  • Relaxation: relaxed muscles, slightly bent joints
  • Balance and Counterbalance: motion over the center of gravity

Advanced Goals

  • Equanimity: more fluid, more relaxed
  • Tranquility: empty mind, high awareness
  • Stillness: smaller and smaller movements, eventually to complete stillness